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艺术在约克学校的生活中扮演着重要的角色.  All our students participate in the arts at some level 和 many are involved in a wide range of arts activities.  在表演艺术中, bet365最新网址提供四个音乐团体-合唱团, 室合唱团, 爵士乐队, 和弦乐,以及bet365最新网址的戏剧节目, 哪一个每年至少有一部作品.  近年来, choral students have enjoyed opportunities such as a Southern California tour which included performances in Disneyl和 和 at the Santa Barbara Mission, 并在卡梅尔教堂举行音乐会.  去年, our theater students had the privilege of producing the amateur premiere of the Off-Broadway musical 背诵爱丽丝, by the Tony 和 Grammy Award-winning team Duncan Sheik, Steven Sater, 和 Jessie Nelson.

在视觉艺术方面,bet365最新网址提供绘画、绘画和数码摄影课程.  The art studio is a wonderful place to explore 和 celebrate the diversity that is so highly valued at bet365中文网址.  Our Falcons have swept local competitions such as the Carmel Art Association's Youth Competition “为了对艺术的热爱,以及卡尔·切里艺术中心的“大声思考”区域艺术比赛.  bet365最新网址所有的班级, 乐团, 和 productions are designed both to be accessible to beginning students 和 challenging for those more advanced.  初学的学生常常发现自己隐藏的才能, 和 students with exceptional ability in the arts—including those who may be considering college 和 professional work in the field—will find many rich opportunities at York.
Our visual 和 performing arts program offers students new ways to view the world 和 express their creativity. 他们建立了更好的解决问题的能力,增强了他们的信心, 以及培养在他们的生活中重新出现的激情和爱好.


  • 斯宾塞·威廉姆斯摄

    斯宾塞 威廉姆斯 

    艺术 Department Chair; Director of Performing 艺术
  • 杰拉德·马丁摄

    杰拉德 马丁 

  • 伊恩·马丁摄

    伊恩 马丁 



自1959年以来, bet365中文网址 has created an exceptional college-prep experience for our youth: inspiring them to develop intellectual curiosity; challenging them to create 和 try new things; 和 preparing them to be passionate contributors in college 和 in life.